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AQUANOVA RUS was created to focus on research and development of micellization technology in various new and unexpected applications. "AQUANOVA RUS" JSC was established in 2010 by joint efforts of three companies: Kima Limited (Leading Russian Food Ingredients Distributor), JSC RUSNANO (Russian Private Equity Firm) and AQUANOVA AG (German Research and Development company with 25+ years of experience in the supplement area). At the same time, the construction of the production site was started in the Special economic zone “Dubna” (Moscow region).

The plant was opened on October 23, 2015, and from this moment a new stage in the company’s life began. The first year of work showed that now the innovative and natural ingredients are in demand in many industries, and considering the general spread of ideas about healthy nutrition, this trend will only grow. Now AQUANOVA RUS is the leading producer of food ingredients, especially natural antioxidants in CIS countries.


To date, the plant of "AQUANOVA RUS" JSC is a fully automated, high-tech production that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 and GMP-Pharma. To ensure the constant quality of products, the company has an analytical laboratory, which allows controlling all stages of production.

Also, the company has R&D and Application Centers, which allows to conduct the necessary research and development of new products, as well as providing support to customers for the most effective use of our products.

About our products

"AQUANOVA RUS" JSC is a developer and manufacturer of complex additives that are used in the food industry, as well as active substances for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The list of our products includes antioxidants, vitamin complexes, preservatives, nutrients, and natural colors, produced by the unique technology in the form of micellized solutions


Food producers need ingredients derived from natural sources, the uniqueness of which is based on several fundamental principles:

  • The possibility to dissolve insoluble substance;

  • The use of natural components;

  • Use of less quantity of a product in comparison with regular ingredients to get the desired effect;

  • High bioavailability of introduced nutrients.

Taken as a basis, these principles have allowed us to create unique and popular ExtraOx products, the use of which will only expand over time.

ExtraOx® are innovative natural antioxidants manufactured by the unique micellization technology that allows creating natural products with the following properties:

  • Water- and fat-soluble ingredients can be used mixed together

  • Superior efficacy

  • Ultrafine distribution

  • Ready to use

  • Increased temperature and pH stability

  • Increased shelf-life


Our company has a number of certificates confirming the company's compliance with international standards:

  • ISO 22000-2005

  • GMP-Pharma Q7

  • Kosher Certificate

  • Halal Certificate

  • FSSC 22000


enterprise between JSC RUSNANO,
LLC Kima Limited and AQUANOVA AG

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12, Prospekt Nauki, 141983 Dubna, Moscow Territory, Russia

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