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ExtraOx® products are a unique innovation for the cosmetics and pharma industries. ExtraOx® micelle is an ideal transport system for a wide range of biologically active ingredients, including natural extracts, oils, and nutrients. ExtraOx® technology allows you to use a lot of substances and active ingredients that are necessary to create your product!

ExtraOx® micelles have the following advantages for the cosmetic and pharmacology industry:

  • Easy inclusion of active ingredients that are difficult to dissolve (e.g. isoflavones) without additives

  • The minimum dosage of extracts at maximum efficiency

  • Fat and water solubility of all ExtraOx® products

  • ExtraOx® extracts and oils are stable in acidic environments and also under chemical, thermal and mechanical influences

  • Inclusion of lipophilic active ingredients and maintenance of the transparency of the final products (for example, the inclusion of coenzyme Q10 in clear hydrogels)

  • Improved penetration of active ingredients into the deep layers of the epidermal layer.

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