Collection of Innovative Natural Antioxidants ExtraOx® consists of a different combination of natural extracts and vitamins such as Rosemary, Green Tea, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherols, Spinach, and others! ExtraOx® products have demonstrated excellent performance in various areas of the food industry, such as confectionery, bakery and fat and oil industry. ExtraOx® antioxidants are available in liquid form, ready to be added to oils, fats, and aqueous suspensions. Intended for use as an antioxidant preventing oxidation to extend the shelf-life and stabilize the appearance, preserve taste during storage.

ExtraOx® is a natural ingredient that allows you to replace existing synthetic antioxidants and expensive natural antioxidants while maintaining an excellent price-performance ratio for your product. ExtraOx® products will enable you to keep the "clean label" of your product.

A wide range of ExtraOx® allows you to select the right antioxidant for use in any kind of product.
ExtraOx® antioxidants are used in the food industry for the production of confectionery products, including flour products, bakery products, jams, jellies, fillings, extruded products, breakfast cereals, snacks, chips, food concentrates and semi-finished products, beverages (juice-containing, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic; grape , fruit, effervescent, honey and non-alcoholic wines), emulsified sauces with a fat content of more than or less than 60%, fat emulsions with a fat content of more than or less than 60%, fatty fillers and creams, sauces of non-emulsified, non-emulsified vegetable and animal oils and fats, fish products, including culinary and seaweed (including sea kale and salads from it), canned fish, preserves from fish and crustaceans, including caviar, canned vegetables and fruit- berry, meat products and sausages.

Efficacy of our products is supported by numerous studies:

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