Natural Antioxidants, Preservatives, Colors, Extracts and Oils That Will Change the Future! Our company is ready to offer high-quality food ingredients and active substances to the clients. It is very actual today since the food industry badly needs effective and safety colors, preservatives and antioxidants.

Technology ExtraOx® is a unique method of encapsulation of nature substance (liquid or powder) in micelle that has size near 30 nm. The structure of ExtraOx® micelle in size of 30nm is similar to the structure of a physiological micelle, which is formed in the human body during the process of digestion and is responsible for the digestibility of nutrients. The advantage of the technology lies in the fact that the ExtraOx® micelle allows keeping the active substance inside itself under various environmental influences without changing its physical and chemical properties. For example, ExtraOx® micelle is absolutely stable under mechanical and chemical influences, as well as in gastric acid.

A Few Facts About ExtraOx® Technology:

  • The micelle with a diameter of 30 nm is a perfect carrier for a wide range of substances

  • Up to 10 natural substances can be placed inside the micelle

  • Micellized substances have increased bioactivity and bioavailability

  • The micellized solution is a water- and fat-soluble clear, pure liquid that does not contain water

  • The micellized solution can be directly introduced into the existing production process

  • Micelles are stable at mechanical, thermal and pH influences

  • Micelles have improved properties and bioavailability compared to liposomes and micro-emulsions

  • Micelles are not a product of chemical modifications, produced without the use of nano-technologies and do not contain nano-particles

  • The increased bioavailability of the active substances achieved by the micellization process is based on the transport system of the active substance, which does not depend on the natural circumstances affecting the formation of physiological micelles in the human body

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